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Prices are F.O.B. at Factory Door. Freight, taxes and installation extra.
Prices subject to change without notice. Delivery 4-6 weeks.

Handheld Sanitizers

UVC - 20


UVC - 40


UVC - 100


Upright Room Sanitizers

Space - 500


SPACE - 1000


Circulating Air Sanitizers

Sanitex - 1200


Dental Chair Pack

Dental Chair Pack


Air Duct Germ Control









Pay for your LightClean UVC System while you build your business with it.

Pay for your LightCare UVC System
while you build your business with it.

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The High Protein, Low Carb, Low Sugar Pre-Op diet helps reduce fat levels in your liver which results in an easier, faster and safer surgery.

Fatty liver can cause feelings of fatigue or you may experience discomfort or pain in the upper right side of your abdomen.

• How long you need to prepare.

• The site you have chosen for your surgery (Puerto Vallarta, Guadalajara or Tijuana).

• How long your surgeon has determined you'll need to be on a pre-op diet to prepare yourself for optimum results.


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